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Abdullah bin Umar radhiyallohu 'anhu berkata, "Manusia akan senantiasa berada di jalan yang lurus selama mereka mengikuti jejak Nabi shalallahu alayhi wasallam". (HR. Baihaqi, Miftahul Jannah no.197)

Jumaat, 26 Disember 2008



How fortune we are tody to be here in this wedding ceremony between my doughter ……. and Mr….. , witnessed by both bride and groom, relatives and colleagues.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Indeed, this wedding agreement is half of the journey that has been done by the people of Allah’s prophets and pious people, which is the key in strengthening relationships and love. Through marriage, men and women are safe form fortification, adultery and any other bad deeds or wickedness and are closer to Allah to do pious duties and practices. Allah SWT says ;

Meaning : “ O manking, we created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into Nations and tribes, that you may know each other”

Allah says in Surah An Nur : 32

Meaning : “ Marry those among you who are single, or the virtuous ones among your slaves, male or female ; If they are in poverty, Allah will give them means out of His grace : For Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things.”

Rasulullah says :
Meaning : “ Get married, hope that you will breed more children and grandchildren, indeed it is my pride when I see how populous you are during the Resurrection Day”.

He firmly said :

Meaning : “ Among all women, the best is someone who unreluctantly makes you happy when you see her, and wants to obey to what you say, and is willing to take care of herself and your belongings when you leave your home”.

In another Moslem tradition ( Hadis ) he said ;

Meaning ; “ two raka’at ( series of ritual movements in a moslem’s prayer ) of a married couple is greater than seventy raka’at of a bachelor”.

He says again ;

Meaning : “ In the name off Allah, I fear him more than I fear you all. Even though I fast and I also sleep. However, I also get married. Therefore, whoever hates the way I live, is not in my category”.

Therefore with these explanations above, we should understand that our great Prophet encourages the bachelors to get married, for marriage is half of the prohets’ and pious peoples practice.

Through marriage, one can also control his desire and will, to do anything that can reckon the community and the good image of his nation, such as raping, intruding or disturbing their neighbours’ wife and children or interfere the security of one’s family which involves fishting and enemies.

Moreover, marriage will lead to peace and harmony in one’s, standing for oneself, having work done at respected time, and having a dependable family management. A bachelor will be free of slander, libels, threats or unduly accuse, also save women from being violated when they accept the invitation of sharing their lives which is greatly approved by Allah.

When someone is married, he or she should know the responsibility in the family, they experience a big change in their luck, their life becomes happier and more pleasant when God allows them to have children and good kinfolk’s. in addition, sources of livelihood and will be cherished from time with open heart and their religious practice multiplies with Allah’s help.

Lades and Gentlemen,

These are part of the secret, wisdom and benefits hidden in the meaning of marriage which is really demanded in Islam. Hence, all married men should be grateful when they eligible to do so, and they should be responsible to their wives in giving them support, including inner subsistence. But remember, it is misfortune and a great loss to those who oppose our Rasul’s traditions and customs by intending to be a lifetime bachelor even when he/she is eligble to be wedded.

Thank you.

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